Meet Our Team:

Patricia Pezzano, Owner and Injector of APT Medical Aesthetics

Patricia Pezzano

Owner and Injector

Patricia's passion is to connect with people and create a positive shift in their lives. She allows people to feel incredible about themselves by recreating with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers the proper facial proportions. She combines it with treatments to illuminate the best tone and texture of the skin - to give people their perfect face!

Sherri-Lynn, Aesthetic Patient Consultant at APT Medical Aesthetics


Aesthetic Patient Consultant

Sherri-Lynn holds a B.Sc. (Biology), a diploma in Facial Aesthetics, and has had extensive training in laser therapy, facial treatments, and medical-grade skincare. She enjoys building relationships to educate and guide our patients so that their own personal aesthetic journey is comfortable, uplifting, and gratifying.

Tia Hussain, Medical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist at APT Medical Aesthetics

Tia Hussain

Medical Aesthetician, Laser Specialist

Tahira has always had an artistic side! She holds not only her Medical Aesthetics and Laser Technician certifications but is also a makeup artist! She understands that having skin conditions can affect ones' quality of life and self image, and therefore, wants to make clients feel and look their best. Tia takes pride in changing a clients' negative reflection about themselves to a positive one!

Sara Eggleton, Patient Care Co-ordinator at APT Medical Aesthetics

Sara Eggleton

Patient Care Co-ordinator

Sara is the main point of contact for clients at the clinic. Her focus is not just to efficiently book the best appointment but more importantly, she makes sure that clients feel welcomed, comfortable and like family. Her calm demeanour and endless knowledge relaxes them and guides them effortlessly through the clinic process to their desired results!

Sara Czylewicz, Aesthetic Nurse Injector at APT Medical Aesthetics

Sara Czylewicz

Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Sara has a passion for the beauty industry and obtained her RPN specifically to become a facial aesthetic injector! She will educate you on facial proportions and provide treatment to make you look and feel your very best. Sara has attended advanced training sessions and conferences and has been personally trained and mentored by Patricia Pezzano.

Randi Stern, Medical Director at APT Medical Aesthetcs

Randi Stern

Medical Director

Dr Stern holds her medical degree from the University of Toronto and has been involved in aesthetics since 2004. As Medical Director, Dr. Stern reviews patient eligibility for aesthetic procedures, provides education about these procedures and their possible risks, responds to patient enquiries, and is on call and available for each patient should the slightest need arise.

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Carol Wilcox

Medical Director

Dr. Wilcox graduated with a Medical Doctorate from the University of Toronto in 1998. Prior to that she completed an Honor's Bachelor of Science degree, and a Master's of Science degree, both at the University of Toronto. She has a background in clinical research, primary preventative care, and healthy-sexuality care. Her more current interests are in age-management medicine.

Melisa Mariutti

Medical Aesthetician

With ten years experience, Melisa holds certifications in Medical Aesthetics, Advanced Aesthetics and Laser Technology, and takes advantage of every opportunity to upgrade her skills. Melisa takes great pride in ensuring that every patient leaves completely educated and happy with their treatments. Her passion is patient satisfaction, and she treats her patients like family.

Cathy Longley

Medical Director
Melisa - Client Care Coordinator | APT Medical Aesthetics


Client Care Coordinator

Melissa joins us with a background as a Medical Laboratory Technician, and ten years experience in medical administration. Her compassion for helping people is evident in her interactions with each and every patient that visits our clinic. She loves what she does and her goal is to keep our patients smiling as well as looking and feeling beautiful.