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Be Camera Ready For the Holidays


Be Camera Ready For the Holidays

The holiday season has officially arrived, that time of year when everyone wants to look their best.  We will all be making the rounds at family gatherings, office parties and countless other holiday events. This means lots of photos taken, as family and friends capture their favorite moments.

Perhaps you aren’t satisfied with the way you look in pictures right now.  Or perhaps you’re feeling a little heavy, with all the food and drink that comes with the approach of the holidays.   Or maybe you aren’t feeling heavy at all, but have stubborn fullness under your chin that makes you look heavier or older than you actually are. Whether that look of a “double chin” has been caused by aging, weight changes or genetics, the excess body fat that accumulates in this area can be particularly frustrating, as it is often difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise alone.

Being unhappy with the appearance of your profile can certainly take the joy out of posing for all of those holiday photos – and put a damper on the excitement of celebrating with others . So, what can be done, short of cosmetic surgery, to improve this area?

Look Your Best with Belkyra Treatment: A Standout Among Today’s Face Slimming Methods

If you are bothered by fullness under your chin and feel that slimming it would benefit your appearance,  Belkyra is an option to consider. This treatment is one of today’s most advanced face slimming methods – a non-surgical  solution to reducing submental fullness, or “double chin,” and defining the jawline.

Belkyra is performed by injecting a medication beneath the skin in the treatment area. The active ingredient is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid –  a substance that occurs naturally in the body.  The function of deoxycholic acid is to aid in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fats. When injected beneath the skin, it breaks down the subcutaneous fat that creates fullness under the chin, slimming the area for a more defined appearance.

Since Belkyra is a minimally-invasive face slimming method, there is little discomfort during sessions and no downtime afterwards.  In fact you will be free to resume your normal, everyday activities immediately after treatment. In most cases, patients will need a series of treatments to obtain their desired results – typically between two and six treatments, spaced approximately six weeks apart. The effects of treatment are gradual, therefore it will not be obvious to friends and family that you’ve had something “done.” It also means that if you begin Belkyra treatments now, you will continue to see results into the new year.



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