Welcome to the APT Medical Aesthetics blog!  Here you will find more information on common concerns, and the treatments that we offer. We will also be sharing industry news, as well as tips on how to prepare for procedures such as Botox, lip injections and laser treatments.
14 Nov 2017
Woman with her winter glow from APT's Black Friday Week promotions
Get Your Glow On and Save Money with APT's Upcoming Black Friday Event
The holiday season is right around the corner and that means plenty of gatherings with friends, family and co-workers. If you want to look your best and give your skin a festive glow, APT Medical...
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26 Oct 2017
Woman Looking For Facial Veins by APT Medical Aesthetics
Treatment for Facial Veins Does Not Have to be Invasive
Starting to notice facial veins? Our BBL treatment might be your solution. Learn more about our facial vein treatments.
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12 Oct 2017
Women With Uneven Skin Tone on Face by APT Medical Aesthetics
Uneven Skin Tone on Your Face is Not Inevitable!
Starting to notice uneven skin tone on your face? We have treatments that provide deep dermal rejuvenation so you can achieve a flawless complexion.
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26 Sep 2017
Woman Looking in A Mirror by APT Medical Aesthetics
Already Noticing Uneven Skin Tone and Enlarged Pores on your Face?
If you feel like your skin is aging, there are treatments to help. Starting with updating your skin routine...
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12 Sep 2017
Image of Woman With Flawless Skin by APT Medical Aesthetics
A More Effective Solution to a Face Lifting Mask
Tired of fine lines and loose skin? We have a more effective solution to tightening your skin without having to go under the knife.
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24 Aug 2017
Woman with Slim Face by APT Medical Aesthetics
Reduce Double Chin with These Face Slimming Methods
Tired of your double chin? We have excellent face slimming methods to help with this. See which treatment is best for you.
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10 Aug 2017
Woman with Thick Eyelashes by APT Medical Aesthetics
How To Grow Thicker Eyelashes
Tired of short and sparse lashes? What if you could get long luscious lashes in a matter of weeks…
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14 Jul 2017
Girl wearing hat putting sunscreen on to avoid uneven skin tone by APT Medical Aeshetics
Avoid Uneven Skin Tone This Summer With These Beauty Tips
Enjoy the sunny summer days without worrying about getting uneven skin tone. Try these tips to protect your beautiful skin!
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10 Jul 2017
Woman looking at syringe afraid by APT Medical Aesthetics
How to Stop Fearing Lip Injections
Being nervous before your lip injection procedure is normal. We've identified common fears and why you shouldn't be worried...
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16 Jun 2017
Woman applying red lipstick to show off lip injections by APT Medical Aesthetics
The Best Way to Make Your Lip Injections Pop!
Your lips look perfectly plump but you want to make them pop! Try one of these easy beauty tips.
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