Long, thick eyelashes can really frame your eyes and make them pop. Just a little additional length and fullness can have a dramatic affect on your look, but not everyone is blessed with naturally long lashes. If you were born with thin or sparse eyelashes, you can always use makeup to temporarily create the illusion of fullness. But what if there was a more permanent solution that would allow you to naturally enhance your look and grow longer eyelashes? Latisse is a proven treatment that will allow you to experience the lashes you have always wanted.

Grow Thicker Eyelashes

Latisse has been on the market for over six years and has helped all sorts of patients leave their mascara behind and enjoy longer, fuller lashes. This product is applied nightly so that all you have to do is sleep while the product does it’s work. For some patients, it takes just 8 weeks to notice initial results with full results at 16 weeks. All it takes is a few months to experience how thicker lashes can transform your look and increase your confidence. 

A lot of women are used to going through a daily beauty routine that includes applying layers of makeup, including a mascara only to have to wipe it all off at the end of the day. While mascara products have come a long way over the years and now include plenty of smudge-proof and waterproof options, these applications are only a temporary solution. In addition, many women find that their skin is sensitive to certain products. Instead of having to go through these daily hassles and spending money on mascara year after year, you can experience a more permanent solution.

Being able to grow thicker eyelashes doesn't require any surgical procedures or harmful products. A simple application of Latisse to the upper lashes is enough to stimulate growth and create lashes that are actually thicker and longer than before. All you have to do is make sure your face is clean and remove your contact lenses before applying. The product comes with a sterile applicator that can be used to apply Latisse to the skin of the upper eyelid. Any excess product can simply be blotted off with a clean piece of tissue. 

Potential Side Effects 

Latisse has been approved by the FDA and is safe for use although there are certain side effects to be aware of as you begin to use the product. Some patients do experience darkening of the eyelid, but this can be reversible. Other common side effects include itchy and red eyes, but these are rare and temporary. As with any product or medical procedure, if you experience adverse side effects, you should contact your doctor. Also, keep in mind that you will need to continue treatment in order to experience lasting results.

Get Thicker Eyelashes

You can finally grow thicker eyelashes and achieve the striking look that comes with long, full lashes that frame your eyes and enhance your natural looks. Mascara might come close to creating a similar look, but with Latisse, you won't have to worry about purchasing or applying makeup. After a few months of use, you can have naturally longer and darker lashes. 

To learn more about Latisse and how APT Medical Aesthetics can help you achieve a new look, contact us today. Our highly trained staff has years of experience working with Latisse and helping patients grow the thick eyelashes that they have always wanted. 

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