The holiday season is officially in full swing. This means plenty of holiday parties and gatherings where you will want to look your very best. However, winter weather can do a number on your skin leaving you feeling dull and dry. To give your skin a natural and radiant glow, while boosting your confidence, consider our Red Carpet Peel - the perfect dull skin treatment just in time for the holiday season.

Many people assume that an effective facial treatment requires an excessive recovery period accompanied by redness and irritation. The Red Carpet Peel is unique in that it provides instant results without downtime, making it the perfect beauty treatment when scheduled the day before your special event. If you want to reduce signs of aging, improve hydration, and achieve brighter skin, then the Red Carpet Peel may be the perfect choice!

How Does it Work?

The Red Carpet Peel contains 30% lactic acid, which promotes gentle exfoliation and hydration.  Derived from milk, lactic acid works to remove the topmost layers of dead and damaged skin, revealing fresh, new skin that is softer, smoother, and brighter. As an added benefit, the treatment also boosts cellular turnover so that you will continue to experience results. Because the treatment only targets the very outer layers of skin, there is no recovery time and you won't have to worry about redness or peeling.


What Should I Expect During My Appointment?

To achieve glowing and radiant skin for your next holiday event, make an appointment to experience the Red Carpet Peel the day before your party. The entire treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, and therefore can be done on your lunch hour.  First, your skin will be cleansed and prepped before the peel is lightly applied with a brush. You may feel a warm and tingling sensation as the lactic acid goes to work removing the outer layers of dead skin cells. Once the peel has had time to work, it will be removed from your skin.  Your clinician will then apply appropriate skin products, and provide you with post-treatment instructions.  Makeup may be applied after your treatment, although it likely will not be necessary as your skin will immediately look fresher and brighter.

What if I Have Sensitive Skin?

Before your treatment, your Medical Aesthetician will perform a thorough consultation and skin analysis to discuss your goals and particular skin challenges you may have experienced over the years.  While the Red Carpet Peel is suitable for all skin types (including sensitive and rosacea), each and every treatment can be customized based on your individual skin type and overall goals. This helps ensure that every patient experiences the results they are looking for.  

What Kind of Results Should I Expect?

Immediately after the treatment you will notice that your skin is soft and smooth with a radiant glow.  Because of the intensive hydrating properties of this treatment, you may also notice a reduction in any dry, rough patches.  It is very unlikely that you will experience any redness, irritation, or peeling after the Red Carpet Peel. 

If you have a full schedule of holiday parties in the coming month, why not look and feel your best? A simple Red Carpet Peel can instantly improve dull skin, giving you a radiant boost of confidence. The right skin treatment will help you put your best face forward and shine bright for the holidays. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation to learn more about which treatment is perfect for you. 

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