Fatigue can take on many forms. It will show in your moods, your actions, your reactions and in an uneven skin tone. Not only will fatigue cause you to not act your best, it will be a main contributor to you not looking your best either. When we sleep, our bodies grow and heal. Just as sleep is extremely important for infants and children to grow happy and healthy, sleep is important for adults to recoup after exhausting days full of stress and constant activity. If you consider what your skin looks like under chronic fatigue; dull, dehydrated, pale, blotchy, uneven. Imagine that as a reflection of the rest of your health internally. When you start to feel tired day in and day out, even after a solid 6 to 8 hours of sleep, consider it a sign to slow down and take some YOU time. Clear the mind and allow the body to just be in rest. Meditation is a great cure to calm your thoughts and just be still, allowing your connective tissue to heal, allowing blood to flow, allowing tissues to absorb moisture and allowing the body to rid itself of toxic build up. In turn, no beauty product can completely eliminate the signs of fatigue from your face, just as no amount of red bull will help a mind and body that is just screaming for rest. More sleep can equal a more beautiful, happier, younger you........Sleep well :)