Growing older may be a privilege, but that doesn't make wrinkles any more welcome. If common signs of aging are changing the way you feel about yourself, there are lasting solutions that will make you look and feel better. You don't have to go under the knife or take drastic measures to reduce wrinkles. Radiesse® is one popular product that has produced proven results and may be worth considering if you are looking for how to reduce wrinkles. 

Unlike other wrinkle treatments that involve lasers and other devices, Radiesse® is actually an injection treatment that works by stimulating your body's natural collagen production. Over time, the body naturally produces less collagen, which is why skin begins to appear less plump and form wrinkles. By re-activating collagen production, Radiesse® is able to put your body back to work for you and provide lasting results. Instead of simply putting a bandaid on the problem, this treatment goes directly to the sources.

While you might feel a little leery about having a substance injected into your face or hands, Radiesse® is FDA approved and safe for use on practically any patient. It is part of a group of non-toxic substances known as dermal fillers. Radiesse® contains synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite, which is also found in your teeth and bones. The calcium is suspended in gel so that it can be injected into the body. Over time, the ingredients work to add support to the skin's weak spots and promote collagen.

Uses for Radiesse® Treatment

Radiesse® is most commonly used to target facial wrinkles, but also has other applications. Because it has a plumping effect, it can be used to strengthen the appearance of chins and jawlines. Many patients also receive the treatment on their hands, which is often the first place on the body to show signs of aging. 

What to Expect

Part of what make Radiesse® a popular wrinkle reducing treatment is that the procedure is almost completely painless. Your provider will typically apply topical anesthetic to the area and Radiesse® contains its own numbing agent, so you shouldn't feel anything. In just 15-40 minutes, depending on your treatment plan, the treatment will be over and you can return to your daily life without having to worry about downtime. The procedure is so simple that you can have it done on your lunch hour.

Directly after treatment, you may experience some redness, swelling and tenderness, but these symptoms are temporary and shouldn't cause too much discomfort. If you want to cover the redness, you can safely apply makeup. In 3-7 days any side effect should be completely cleared up and you can begin to enjoy the results.

Perhaps the best part of Radiesse® is that you will experience immediate results that only increase in intensity over time. The ingredients in the injection will immediately create a fuller look that reduces wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. As the weeks pass, and the body's collagen factory has an opportunity to kick things into high gear, you will notice even more pronounced results. Some patients return for a maintenance injection every 1-2 years just to encourage beautiful skin.

If you have been wondering how to reduce wrinkles, or whether it was even possible, Radiesse® may be the solution you have been looking for. With just one treatment you can restore volume to your face and hands and enjoy more pronounced facial contours that highlight your natural structure. Don't waste time feeling bad about your skin or yearning for a more youthful appearance. Contact APT Medical Aesthetics to learn more about Radiesse® treatments and how they can help you.


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