If you have finally taken the plunge and had lip injections done, you're probably quite eager to make the most of your new look. So what is the best way to make those newly enhanced lips really pop? Here are a few tips on how to emphasize your plumper, bolder and more beautiful new pout!

Smooth Your Lips

Dry and flaky lips change the way they reflect light, making them look thinner and less defined – which certainly isn't the best debut for your new look. A soft toothbrush can be the start of a fairly easy fix, just brush your lips very gently to exfoliate them, smoothing away the flakiness. For minor flakiness, simply wet the brush with a little water before use, then apply a moisturizer after brushing. For severely dry lips, applying a few drops of olive or coconut oil to the brush can yield smoother results.

Mind Your Lip Colour

Making your lips really pop means choosing your lip colour wisely. Dark, bold colours - maroons or purples for instance - may seem like a great choice, but the reality is that they tend to make lips look smaller. Bright pinks, reds or nudes are better options for a full, luscious looking pout.

Add A Bit Of Gloss

Add a bit of shine by applying lip gloss over your lip colour to emphasize the contours of full, shapely lips. The glossy shine allows light to reflect from your lips more attractively, making those curves really pop. If the appearance of a defined pout is your goal, apply gloss to the centre portion of your lips only. If your goal is to make your newly enhanced lips the focal point of your face, apply it all over.

Over-line Your Lips

Taking your lip liner a bit beyond your natural lip line can visually add size and volume. For a subtle enhancement of your new lip injections, apply your lip liner just slightly outside your natural lip line. For a more dramatic look, applying a little concealer around your lips first to obscure your natural lip line can give you greater leeway, allowing you to add a bit more distance between your natural lip line and the drawn one.

Highlight Your Lips

A touch of concealer can be used to make your lip injections pop, creating more contrast between your lip colour and your skin. After applying your lip colour, use a thin brush to outline your lips with concealer. Adding a touch of highlighter – or a lighter shade of lipstick – to the centre of your lips can make them look plumper and more dramatic as well. Just be sure to blend the edges into your darker lipstick for a natural look. Lastly, a dab of highlighter in your cupid's bow – the V at the centre of your top lip – will also add drama to the lip area.

So there you have it, a handful of great ways to make your lip injections pop! After all, who wouldn't want to take that luscious new look to the next level? If you are interested in lip enhancement, contact us and book your complimentary consultation today.

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