Lip injections are aesthetic procedures that use dermal fillers to augment the lips with the goal of creating a plumper, fuller appearance. If you are considering having your lips “done” you may find that, as with any new experience, the thought of having lip injections for the first time can spur a few anxious feelings. However, being well-prepared for your appointment and well-informed on what to expect, can help you feel more confident and relaxed on the day of your procedure. In the interests of helping you get to that point, we've put together some tips on how to prepare for your first lip injections.

Think about your treatment goals

It is important to have an idea as to the look you would like to achieve with lip injections. Are you interested in a subtle change in the volume and shape of your lips, or a more dramatic augmentation? If you aren't sure, invest some time in finding out. Leafing through magazine photos can help, and if you find some that illustrate your ideal look, bring them along to your appointment. Being able to express your goals clearly as you plan your procedure with your practitioner will help ensure that you get the results you desire.

Know what to expect during and after your procedure

While every experience is different, and only your personal practitioner can provide specific details on your treatment, there are some general guidelines on what to expect from lip injections. Typically, a consultation is the first step, during which your practitioner will do a thorough examination and discuss your treatment options as the two of you work out a plan to achieve results that will best suit your personal needs.

Then,with your approval, that treatment plan will be put into action. Most often, this will include the use of temporary dermal fillers, composed of stabilized hyaluronic acid – a substance naturally present in healthy skin. Your practitioner may apply an anesthetic, then the dermal filler will be injected into the lips, using either a traditional injection needle or a device called a micro cannula. Then, your lips will be massaged to ensure proper distribution of the filler, and cold packs are generally applied.

You may experience some minor bleeding at injection sites after treatment, and some swelling and/or bruising may occur. Patients treated with a micro cannula tend to have less swelling and bruising than those treated with traditional needles. You may also experience some tenderness in your lips for a few days following treatment. Typically, results last about 6 months.

Speak to your practitioner about medications

Discussing any medications you take regularly, prescription and non-prescription, with your practitioner is important. In general, you will be advised to refrain from taking any medications or supplements that thin the blood, including aspirin, ibuprofen, and other NSAIDs, as well as fish oil and vitamin E, for 3 or 4 days before your procedure. Red wine is also to be avoided, since it too can thin the blood, increasing risk of bleeding, bruising and swelling after your procedure.

If you are interested in having lip injections done, a consultation with a qualified and experienced medical aesthetics practitioner is the best path forward. APT Medical Aesthetics offers complimentary consultations for clients considering lip augmentation, and we'd be happy to help you determine whether or not lip injections are a good option for you.

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