Cosmetic Botox injections will make you look and feel fresh and young. The people around you are bound to notice and most people will simply pay you a compliment and that’s it. However, there will be that handful of people that can’t resist asking, “Did you get Botox?” or “Have you had some work done?” Here are some responses that will help you answer those questions:

“Sure did. Don’t I look great?” Nothing can be more disarming than the truth and we all could stand to be a little prouder of our bodies. Just think of all the amazing things they do every day.

“I was about to ask you the same thing!” Why not return the compliment? Maybe they are just being nosey, but why not give them the benefit of the doubt and spread a little kindness. You might just end up making someone else’s day.

“Are you asking because you are thinking of getting Botox?” You might be surprised to see just how often people are asking because they want more information. If that is the case, you just helped them start a conversation they might have been struggling to initiate.

“Yes, would you like the name of my provider?” Why not just assume that they are asking because they are considering the procedure? This is a simple way to stay in control of the conversation and the perfect opportunity to flaunt your newfound confidence.

“Yes, thanks for noticing.” Simple and straightforward is never a bad idea. You look great and someone took the time to stop you and say as much.  

What to say if you aren’t ready to reveal your beauty secrets:


“You’d be amazed what a few good nights of sleep can do.” We could all use a little more sleep, so it is a believable response and good advice.

“No, but I did start a new skin regimen.” For all they know you splurged on some new moisturizer that is doing wonders for your skin.  

 “No, why?” Two words is all it takes to get them off balanced and tongue-tied. This approach virtually forces them to lavish you with compliments as a way of explaining their question.

What to say if you feel like people are prying:

“No, but I will take that as a compliment!” Don’t shy away from the direct lie. If it isn’t something you want to talk about, that is your business. You aren’t under oath and a little white lie won’t cause a chain reaction of consequences.

Cosmetic procedures have become more socially acceptable and common, which seems to have opened the door for some naturally nosey people to fire away with questions that can sometimes feel awkward and invasive. Basically, there are three ways to handle this situation:

1. Own it.
2. Deny. Deny. Deny. Telling people that you haven’t had Botox doesn’t signal a sense of shame. What you disclose about your own body and health is your choice.
3. Let them know you are offended. Don’t back away from putting them in their place.

Above all, remember that you looked great before Botox and you look great after Botox too! For more information on Botox procedures contact APT Medical Aesthetics and book your free consultation today.

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