Sunlight effect on your skin

While many of us spent the summer months chasing that sun “kissed” glow, when it comes to your complexion, there are a host of unwelcome things the summer sun may have left behind. These can include uneven skin tone, red patches, brown spots, discoloured splotchy patches, and pesky fine lines, just to name a few. Unfortunately sun damage is not limited to your face.  The chest, hands, and arms are other commonly exposed areas that can also suffer the damaging effects of the sunlight.

Restore your skin

With the end of summer fast approaching and the kids back at school, now is the perfect time to start a new skin care regime that includes BroadBand™ or BBL™.

BroadBand™ or BBL™ is often referred to as the next generation of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy. This laser treatment utilizes the latest, most advanced technology to reduce the aging effects of the summer sun and restore your skin to its natural beauty. BBL™ is a highly effective tool that can produce dramatic improvements in those suffering from the following skin conditions:
Before and After images for broadband light treatment
* Fine lines and wrinkles
* Vascular lesions, such as small blood vessels
* Pigmented lesions, such as freckles, age spots, sun damage 
* Uneven skin tone and uneven skin texture
* Enlarged pores

Look younger with an even skin tone

This treatment provides the perfect solution to addressing sun damage and creating a more youthful look with even skin tone. 

BBL™ actually works by stimulating your body’s natural functions and protections against aging and skin damage. The innovative light energy delivered by BBL™ gently heats the upper layers of your skin, triggering your skin cells to produce new collagen and elastin. Both of these compounds naturally work to improve your skin’s appearance and underlying structure. By choosing the right filters for your skin, doctors are able to target specific areas and conditions, which provides customized treatment based on your individual needs.

For patients who suffer from rosacea or who experience an overproduction of melanin that can result in unwanted brown spots or dark patches, BBL™ has proven especially effective. Removing these blemishes can help to create a more even skin tone that will take years off your skin and leave you feeling more confident than ever.  

Short treatment with immediate recovery

Receiving BBL™ treatment requires little to no downtime so that you can immediately return to your daily activities. BBL™ is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that can produce lasting results with minimal discomfort. Patients often describe the sensation of the laser as a light, stinging sensation or like having a rubber band gently snapped on the skin. An anesthetic cream can be applied prior to the procedure to reduce this slightly uncomfortable feeling, but most people don’t experience much discomfort at all.

The actual treatment lasts 20 to 30 minutes with few side effects. Depending on the type of skin condition you are treating, you may experience skin cells that slough off in the coming weeks or a certain amount of redness that fades away within a day or two. If your skin feels sensitive after treatment, it is best to avoid swimming in pools with chemicals, saunas, using exfoliants, shaving, and any other activities that may aggravate the skin. Patients should also avoid tanning beds and exposure to direct sunlight as their bodies go to work producing new cells and repairing damage. However, the majority of people don’t experience lasting side effects and can immediately return to their usual routine.   

To maximize the effects of this skin rejuvenating treatment and take years of your complexion, most patients return once or twice a month for additional BBL™ treatments. It is best to work with your treatment provider to create a customized, personalized treatment plan to target your specific skin care needs. Combat sun damage and create a more youthful glow today with BBL™.