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Brown Spots and Sun Damage

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Brown Spots and Sun Damage

Brown Spots and Sun Damage - Before
Brown Spots and Sun Damage - After

The most visible type of sun damage is the accumulation of dark spots on the skin, which tend to become more noticeable as one ages. The leading cause of uneven pigmentation in the skin is chronic, unprotected sun exposure that we accumulate over the years. In our youth, we tend to be careless about protecting our skin. We have also grown up with the idea that tanned skin is beautiful, and we ignore the importance of sun protection in preventing future skin damage. Unfortunately these harmful habits eventually lead to dark spots and sun damage on the face, hands and body.

There are several treatments available that can effectively reduce or eliminate age spots, liver spots, or brown spots. These include laser treatments, chemical peels, and medical grade skin care. Once the skin has been treated, one must be diligent with sun protection in order to minimize the occurrence of new spots. The best way to achieve this is to wear a sunscreen with at least SPF30 every day, and to reduce excessive sun exposure whenever possible. Wearing protective clothing is highly recommended when spending longer periods of time in direct sunlight.

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Treatment Options

BBL treatments for hyperpigmentation can be performed on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, shoulders, and back.



Frequently Asked Questions

Unprotected skin exposure to the sun over time creates uneven pigmentation (brown spots or liver spots). Brown spots tend to become more noticeable after the age of thirty, although those who tan frequently may see them earlier.

Diligent use of sunscreen is key. In addition, wearing a hat or protective clothing during prolonged sun exposure is excellent prevention.

Absolutely! The same treatments we perform on the face may are also effective on the body. Common body areas that we treat include: neck, chest, hands, arms, and legs.

Once brown spots have been treated they will not return, as long as you are diligent with good skin care and daily sun protection. It is possible however that new brown spots may surface due to deeper UV damage in the skin. These spots can be treated just as the others were.

This is likely a pigmentation disorder called melasma. Click here to learn more about this condition and how it can be treated.


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