Before Cheek and Lip Enhancement by APT Medical Aesthetics
After Cheek and Lip Enhancement by APT Medical Aesthetics
Before Cheek and Lip Enhancement by APT Medical Aesthetics
After Cheek and Lip Enhancement by APT Medical Aesthetics
Naturally full cheeks and lips are synonymous with a youthful appearance. As we age, the fat compartments in our face deflate and descend, leading to an appearance that is tired or sad-looking. Our lips also become thinner, and the texture around the mouth becomes more wrinkled and drawn. Dermal fillers are instrumental in restoring the natural, beautiful facial proportions we once had. 

Cheek enhancement replaces volume in the mid face, drawing attention up to our eyes and allowing light to reflect off the apex of the cheek - thus helping to create an ideal oval face shape. Lip augmentation restores the lustre of the lips, and creates support around the mouth while maintaining a balanced, natural look.

These subtle cheek and lip enhancements restore proper facial proportion while creating a completely natural appearance.  To learn how you may benefit from facial enhancment with dermal fillers, book a complimentary consultation with our team of experts.


Lip enhancement using dermal filler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I look so tired?

As we age, volume loss in the mid-face creates a flat and tired appearance. It can also lead to a saggy or sad appearance because the contours in the lower face are not as sharp and defined as they once were. Dermal fillers work to restore facial contours, creating a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Does dermal filler treatment hurt?

Most dermal fillers contain a localized pain reliever, ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient.

Am I going to look “done” after cheek fillers?

Absolutely not. Dermal filler treatment simply restores the facial volume you once had, and is intended to create a natural appearance - a more refreshed version of yourself!

Will I have “duck lips” after lip filler?

The best lip enhancement results are those you don’t notice. Proportion is incredibly important with any dermal filler treatment, especially in the lips. Deviating from natural proportion will lead to an upper lip that is larger than the lower lip, and hence an obvious and unnatural result. Whether you want to restore the lip volume you once had, or enhance what you already have, an experienced injector will create beautiful and natural lips that suit your individual facial proportions.

Is there recovery time after filler treatments?

Any injectable treatment may be accompanied by some minor redness, swelling or bruising. These effects are temporary and should not affect your normal activities, however it is good idea to schedule your treatment at least two weeks before any social engagement.