A tired, lifeless complexion is often one of the first visible signs of aging, as the skin’s natural renewal process slows down. Dull skin is characterized as skin that lacks the radiance and glow commonly associated with a young, healthy appearance.

In young skin, skin cells turn over every 28 days. By the time one reaches age 40, cellular turnover has slowed to every 40 days. As dead skin cells build up, the skin can no longer reflect light effectively, thus resulting in dullness and uneven skin tone and texture.

In addition to the natural aging process, there are many other factors that contribute to a dull complexion, as skin is routinely deprived of oxygen and essential nutrients. These factors include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, chronic sun exposure, and pollutants. Since skin cells are composed mainly of water, dehydration is also a significant cause of dullness. Insufficient water intake eventually leads to long-term deficiency and decreased blood flow to the skin. For this reason, fine lines and skin crepiness often accompany a dull complexion.

Because the cellular renewal process has slowed, dead skin cells need to be sloughed away so that the fresh, bright skin beneath may be revealed. The lack of an effective skincare routine with regular exfoliation greatly inhibits this sloughing process.

Treatments for dull skin, such as a great skincare regimen, will help to increase skin exfoliation and stimulate cellular turnover. Along with a healthier lifestyle, a dull complexion and uneven skin tone can absolutely be restored to one that is luminous and radiant.

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Before treating Double Chin by APT Medical Aesthetics
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