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Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder of the skin that causes patches of brown spots to appear on the face. This hyperpigmentation is commonly seen on the upper cheeks, forehead, upper lip and chin, and can appear darker or lighter at various times of the year. Melasma is most common in women of reproductive age, particularly those who are pregnant or have darker skin. The leading causes of melasma are chronic sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations (e.g. pregnancy), and genetic predisposition. Birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may also trigger the condition.

Treatment for melasma involves medical grade skincare with prescription-strength hydroquinone. Other treatments that may offer some benefit are clinical peels and laser therapy. A combination approach often yields optimal results.

Once melasma has been treated, diligent sun protection is essential using physical sunblock and sun-protective clothing whenever possible. Any unprotected sun exposure may cause melasma to recur. Book an appointment for more melasma information and available treatments.

Our Medical Aesthetician discusses treatment options for melasma.

Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed a lot of brown spots and patchiness on my face during my pregnancy. It lightened a bit in the winter, but now it is back. Is this melasma?

It is quite possible that you have melasma. Hormonal fluctuations such as those experienced during pregnancy are a leading cause of melasma. Although the pigment may lighten in the absence of sun exposure, it typically reappears and can be extremely difficult to treat.

I had laser treatment for my melasma, and it made it worse. What is my best treatment option?

While some lasers are suitable for treating melasma, others are not. Certain resurfacing lasers can be beneficial, and best results will occur when combined with targeted prescription-strength skincare at home.

Can melasma be cured?

Unfortunately there is no cure for melasma, however pigment can be virtually eliminated and the complexion restored through proper treatment and diligence. Patient compliance and strict sun protection is absolutely necessary to prevent pigment from recurring.

What can I do to prevent melasma?

If melasma runs in your family and you believe you are at risk, diligent sun protection is your best defense. A mineral-based sunscreen with zinc oxide (SPF 30 or higher) is essential, even in winter, along with hats and cover-ups when you know you will be outside for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, even the slightest bit of unprotected sun exposure can trigger or re-trigger melasma.

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