Treat Uneven Skin Texture (before) by APT Medical Aesthetics
Treat Uneven Skin Texture (after) by APT Medical Aesthetics
We all long for the soft, smooth skin we had when we were younger. Unfortunately, years of repeated sun exposure, smoking, poor habits, or acne scarring may cause the skin to look uneven and feel rough to the touch. Enlarged pores also contribute to uneven skin texture, while dehydration will exagerate fine lines or wrinkles that appear to be etched into the skin.

In order to restore smoothness and boost the skin’s resiliency, we recommend therapies that exfoliate the skin and increase collagen production. APT Medical Aesthetics offers ways to treat uneven skin texture including:

As part of your treatment plan, wearing daily sunscreen of at least SPF 30 will be essential for optimal results.

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Skin resurfacing using Halo™ laser for improving uneven skin texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

My skin isn’t as soft or smooth as it used to be. What can be done?

A clinical peel is a great place to start. This treatment will instantly restore soft, glowing skin with minimal to no downtime. For deeper textural irregularities, a skin resurfacing treatment will stimulate the production of healthy collagen to rejuvenate the skin, refine pores, and smooth the skin.

I have deep lines etched into my skin. Can I have dermal filler injected into them?

Possibly. If the lines are very deep, then dermal filler may help temporarily plump them out so that they are less noticeable. More often than not however, a skin resurfacing treatment is recommended for best results, sometimes in combination with dermal filler. Some examples of resurfacing treatments include Halo laser, and microneedling.

Why is exfoliation so important in keeping the skin smooth?

As we age, our skin does not renew itself as quickly as it did when we were younger. As a result, dead skin cells do not shed as efficiently, creating a dull look to the skin. Regular exfoliation helps to remove that outer layer of dead skin cells so that newer healthy skin can be revealed.