Before using SINECCHi™ Arnica, a product available at APT Medical Aesthetics
After using SINECCHi™ Arnica, a product available at APT Medical Aesthetics

SINECCHi™, also known as Arnica montana, is the only herbal supplement shown in clinical trials to be effective at reducing unexpected bruising and swelling after aesthetic procedures, allowing for faster healing and recovery.

SINECCHi™ is naturally prepared from the herb Arnica montana, which grows in the Swiss Alps. Arnica has been used for hundreds of years by doctors to reduce swelling and bruising after traumatic injuries. Taken in a convenient 4 capsule pack over a 24 hour period, it significantly reduces any unintended effects from your procedure, allowing your beautiful results to shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

For which treatments do you recommend taking SinEcchi™?

If you are concerned about swelling and bruising, you may want to consider taking Sinecchi in combination with any injectable treatments to ensure a faster recovery. These include Botox injections, dermal filler treatment, Belkyra®, and PRP.

Is SinEcchi™ safe?

Yes. Unlike herbal Arnica, homeopathic medicine uses only very small doses of Arnica. These small doses rarely yield any adverse effects. Homeopathic Arnica Montana has been deemed safe and is regulated by the FDA for over-the-counter use. SinEcchi™ is a one-day dosage regimen of Homeopathic Arnica montana indicated for the treatment of bruising and swelling after routine dermal fillers and other minimally invasive procedures.  Its encapsulated, combined dosage regimen ensures you are taking the right potency at the right time, making it easy to use and maximizing your results.

How do you take SinEcchi™?

SinEcchi™ is indicated for adults and children over 12 years. Each pack contains 4 capsules. Take one capsule every six hours, starting as soon as possible after your procedure, until you have taken all 4 capsules.

Arnica montana assists with healing and recovery after aesthetic treatments.

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