Before Clinical Peels, a treatment by APT Medical Aesthetics
After Clinical Peels, a treatment by APT Medical Aesthetics
Before Clinical Peels, a treatment by APT Medical Aesthetics
After Clinical Peels, a treatment by APT Medical Aesthetics

Pamper yourself and achieve an instant glow with our Red Carpet Peel. This medical-grade facial peel will immediately leave your skin soft, smooth, and radiant for any special event.

How does the Red Carpet Peel differ from a traditional facial?

The Red Carpet Peel utilizes medical-grade ingredients, including 30% lactic acid and potent skin brighteners, that will deliver more visible andcorrective results than a traditional facial. The treatment experience is very similar to that of a facial, however the results are much more noticeable.

Who is a good candidate for the Red Carpet Peel?

The Red Carpet Peel is a great option for anyone seeking a luminous glow without downtime. Because it is an exfoliating treatment, it is also highly recommended for those struggling with dull skin or uneven skin tone. It is not recommended for those with a milk allergy, or for anyone currently taking Accutane. A complimentary consultation will determine if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment.  

What is the treatment like?

The Red Carpet Peel takes approximately 30 minutes. You skin will be thoroughly cleansed and prepped before the exfoliating solution is applied. You will feel a warm or tingling sensation while the solution is on the skin. If necessary, a fan may be used to cool the skin. After a designated amount of time, the exfoliating solution will be neutralized and removed from the skin. Next, a medical-grade brightening solution is applied, followed by a targeted eye and lip treatment. Finishing products are then applied to hydrate the skin and target any additional concerns as discussed with your clinician. The final step is sunscreen with SPF 30 in order to protect your beautiful glow. Your clinician will provide you with post-treatment instructions. 

Is there any downtime?

The Red Carpet Peel is a no downtime treatment. Slight redness after the peel is possible, but rare. Most patients do not experience visible peeling or flaking after this treatment, making it suitable as a last-minute treatment before your special event. We recommend that this treatment be done the day before your event. Makeup may be applied immediately after the treatment, if desired. 

Can I purchase this treatment for my friend?

Absolutely! Gift cards are always availabe at APT. This treatment is especially popular as a wedding shower spa gift or Mother's Day gift!

Red Carpet Peel

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