Juvederm is one of  many brands of dermal fillers on the Canadian market.  They are all approved though Health Canada and have passed the highest safety regulations.

Juvederm has a number of different products within the product line.  The individual product needed to achieve your optimal result will be determined at your complimentary consultation.

Dermal fillers can be used in many areas but primarily are utilized in the face and hands. They do exactly what their name implies - they fill or occupy space. As we age, the fat compartments in our face deflate and descend although not necessarily in a balanced or predictable fashion. The fat pads in our mid face, temples and in front of the ears deflate first, then we lose fat around the mouth and jawline. The tip of our nose descents and our folds from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial folds) deepen. In addition, with the natural loss of collagen, our skin loses the ability to bounce back, causing it to sag. We lose the fat in our hands leading to a frail appearance.

Dermal fillers, whether temporary to longer lasting to long lasting all work to recreate volume. Products such as Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse and Ravanesse can all be employed to provide subtle but noticeable changes that unlock our best features. Dermal fillers can be used in the cheek, lips, jawlines, around the mouth, nose and hands. Consider dermal fillers to be the paintbrush in the creation of a masterpiece! Book an appointment
Before and After
Before Juvederm® treatment from APT Medical Aesthetics
After Juvederm® treatment from APT Medical Aesthetics Juvederm® treatment from APT Medical Aesthetics