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Safe At-Home Chemical Peels During COVID-19


Safe At-Home Chemical Peels During COVID-19

While Canadians and the rest of the world are collectively keeping socially distant, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to operate as per usual at home—including the maintenance of your skin’s health!

During this period of change, and as large communities shift to self-quarantining, try to transfer as much of your normal schedule to an at-home routine. This includes working from home, exercising from home, and if possible, maintaining your aesthetic treatments (to the best of your ability) at home.

Although you may not be able to see your favourite APT aesthetician for routine aesthetic treatments, you can always work to improve your skin’s health, and we suggest starting with at-home chemical peels with ZO®️!

Safe At-Home Chemical Peel Applications

Before we delve into the incredible chemical peel offerings of ZO®️, it’s important to understand the chemical peel process and safe application methods.

The chemical peel process, even at home, should start with consulting a medical professional. If you’re transitioning from an in-clinic treatment to an at-home treatment, your clinic should have a thorough understanding of what treatments will best suit your needs with minimal risks.

Once you’ve landed on a favourable product, make sure to patch test the product! You can complete a patch test by applying a small amount of the chemical peel on your skin, in a more discreet area such as the inside of your wrist or arm, or on the back of your ear. After waiting for a recommended period of 48 hours, if you have no reaction, continue to wait for an additional 96 hours post-application to confirm there were no delayed reactions. If you pass the final test, you can move onto the chemical peel application.

To prepare your skin for the peel itself, first cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser compatible with your skin type. Avoid any kind of treatments causing skin irritation, such as facial scrubs or waxing. Ideally, it’s best to avoid direct sun exposure as well- which is easier to achieve during a self-quarantine!

Finally, closely follow the peel instructions your medical professional provided, or follow the directions listed with the at home chemical peel using.

Home chemical peels

ZO®️’s Retinol Stimulation Peel

At APT, we are proud to offer premier ZO® products in our online shop. The ZO® retinol peel is one of the brand’s most popular signature chemical peels, and is ideal for individuals wanting to condense their at-home skincare routine with multifunctional products. As a physician-directed peel, it is formulated with Ossential® Advanced Radical Night Repair which enables the product to be customized from a moderate to mild range of strength. Contrary to other products in the market, this peel contains a high concentration of 1% retinol, reinforced with antioxidants.

The ZO® retinol peel is designed for fast, noticeable results with its effective anti-aging formula. It’s an easy, user-friendly product that can easily be executed in the comfort of your home bathroom! There are several benefits to adding this retinol peel to your skincare regimen! Some of these incredible benefits include the reduction of skin sensitivity, surface skin repair, minimizing the appearance of fine lines, improved skin texture, decreases in large pores, and stronger, tighter skin!

ZO®️’s Invisapeel

The invisapeel developed by ZO® is uniquely formulated for at-home usage, perfect for self-quarantine! This chemical peel is diverse in that it’s suitable for all ages, conditions, and skin types. The solution features a mix of glycolic acid and plant enzymes with the capability to exfoliate the surface of the epidermis, which can lead to enhanced skin tone and texture! While many chemical peels tend to have a focus on the facial area, the invisapeel solution can be applied to other skin surfaces, such as legs, arms, and hands, for ongoing at-home skin treatment.

The formula of the invisapeel is so naturally gentle that it appears to be nearly invisible! Medical professionals recommend weekly usages of 2-3 applications for weaker skin (dry or thin), and daily for those with strong skin (skin that is normally thick or oily).

Investing in premium skincare brands can definitely reap wonderful benefits in the short and long term! ZO®’s invisapeel at-home chemical treatment offers a plethora of benefits for improved skincare. It can contribute to reduced acne post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, rejuvenate the skin’s moisture, smoothen out textured or uneven skin, reduce skin flakiness, enhance the effects of topical agents, and reduce signs of visible sun damage!

At-Home Skincare Routines with Zo®️

Maintaining a skincare regimen at home doesn’t have to be complicated and lengthy if you choose the right products, under the guidance of a medical professional! ZO® at-home chemical peels offer benefits close to in-clinic treatments, with the added benefit of convenience!

If you’re looking to spend part of your time in self-quarantine to improve the health of your skin, APT Medical Aesthetics offers a wide range of ZO® products in our online shop. To create an at-home skincare kit, consider investing in a premium cleanser, formulated with SPF 50 and antioxidants.

If you are looking to establish a skincare routine with an at-home chemical peel, or with other skincare products, feel free to contact our experienced team today!


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