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Pimples and the cure!


Pimples and the cure!

Healthy skin doesn’t have to be so complicated. A pimple is a simple sign of the body being off balance. For those that have more than a few pimples, it generally is a signal that there are excess toxins in the body, an autoimmune reaction from extreme sensitivity to particular foods, or a sluggish body due to excessive stress or lack of sleep. There are several avenues to explore. The skin is a fascinating system that protects the body from overheating or freezing, eliminates debris, protects from pathogens, absorbs important vitamins etc. It is also a reflection of our internal health. When your skin is healthy and balanced, it becomes your tool to guide you on your internal balance. A pimple can be a signal of basic fatigue so take a nap if you’re feeling tired. Several pimples that are red and inflamed can indicate an excess of inflammation in the body.

Several bumps that have nothing in them and are not red can indicate a slowness in the body or stagnation. Excessive oil in the skin indicates deeper dehydration for a thicker skin type. What is the best cure for a red spot? Have a trained medical aesthetics professional analyze your skin and guide you to make the right choices in your skin care.


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Contact APT Medical Aesthetics now. Whether you want to book a consultation, find out more about our services, or simply want to ask a few questions, we would love to hear from you!

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    Contact APT Medical Aesthetics now. Whether you want to book an appointment, find out a bit more about our services, or want to simply ask a few questions, we would love to hear from you!

    APT Medical Aesthetics Ltd. is world-class private complete skin care clinic in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, serving Oakville. We
    provide our treatments in a safe, trusting, comfortable environment. Our clinic is pleased to offer the most advanced and comprehensive skin care solutions
    including Botox Cosmetic / Dysport / Xeomin, Dermal Filler, Laser Skin Resurfacing to clients across Ontario.

    Contact us for more information or to book a free consultation appointment at our Oakville, or clinics. Our friendly team of beauty consultants
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