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What It Is

Latisse is an effective and powerful treatment that can help you to grow longer, darker, and more voluminous eyelashes. It’s ideal for people who have trouble growing strong eyelashes, while it can also be used by anybody in order to give their eyelashes an added kick of colour and strength.

Latisse is a non-invasive medication that was initially designed to treat ocular hypertension, which is a risk factor for glaucoma, but once researchers discovered that patients started to grow thicker, darker eyelashes they realized the full potential of this exciting product.

Treatment Areas

Latisse for eyelashes is a liquid solution and is designed for application to the base of your upper eyelids. It works on the entirety of the eyelashes themselves, from the follicle right the way up to the curled ends, and has been proven in clinical studies to provide around four-fifths of the population with at least a single grade increase in the Global Eyelash Assessment score.

How to Prepare

The best time to apply Latisse is at night because it doesn’t interact well with the rest of your makeup. In fact, regular makeup can offset the benefits of Latisse. However, using it in the morning before applying your standard makeup and skincare products is also an effective way of applying the medication

  1. Clean your eyelids. Before applying Latisse, ensure that the area around your eyelids is clean, as well as the eyelids themselves. Any cosmetic products you’re wearing should be removed before applying the medication, as well as contact lenses. In order to prevent any bacteria from getting into your eyelids, ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed before applying it.
  2. Remove an applicator. Latisse comes with sterile applicators. Remove one from its packaging and hold it horizontally, before applying one drop of the Latisse solution to the applicator itself. Make sure to apply it to the area closest to the tip of the applicator, but not directly onto the tip itself. It’ll soak into the applicator, making it straightforward to apply to your eyelid carefully.
  3. Apply to your eyelids. Start at the inner part of your eyelid, and then apply Latisse moving gradually outwards until you get to the outer edges of your eyelashes. Latisse is only designed for use with your upper eyelashes, so make sure you don’t use it on your lower eyelashes or you could experience some uncomfortable sensations. If any excess gets into your eye, gently blot it away by making use of a sterile cotton pad or similarly absorbent piece of fabric.
  4. Dispose of the applicator. Only ever use one applicator per eye. Once you’ve treated one eye, discard the applicator and remove a new one from the packaging before beginning the process again on your other eye. This process should be repeated once a day, every day. After you’ve applied the Latisse, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. If you wear contact lenses, you’ll be able to reinsert them around 15 minutes after you’ve finished using Latisse.

How It Works

Experts on the subject are still undecided as to why exactly Latisse works to change the thickness, colour, and length of your eyelashes. Current scientific data suggests that Latisse’s active ingredient alters the way your eyelashes behave during the growth stage of the hair cycle (also known as the anagen stage).

Latisse could also elongate the growth stage, which will encourage your eyelashes to grow for longer periods of time and to reach greater proportions than they would otherwise.

Results You Can Expect

Latisse is a remarkably effective medication. The vast majority of people who use it notice a significant, measurable improvement in eyelash growth over the course of several months using the product. You can expect to see results after around two months at the earliest, although most people only see the full results after three to four months of daily use.

Once you’ve noticed significant changes, you can switch to using the medication every other day if you prefer. Stopping the use of Latisse will cause your eyelashes to eventually revert back to their normal size and thickness, but continuing to use it will maintain any results you’ve been able to achieve.

If you don’t see any results at all after around two months, check in with your doctor to see what they would recommend you to do.

Aftercare and Recovery

Because it’s such a straightforward, non-invasive treatment, there’s very little to take care of in terms of aftercare and recovery with Latisse. The most important thing is to ensure that the area around your eyelids and eyes is clean at all times and to prevent any of the solution from getting into your eyes themselves, or from otherwise interfering with your standard skincare and cosmetic products.

Side effects are uncommon and relatively mild, including itchiness around the eyes, darkening of the upper eyelids, and hair growth outside of the treatment area. If any of these symptoms begin to arise, stop using the medication and inform your doctor immediately.

Why Choose APT Medical Aesthetics?

APT Medical Aesthetics offers Latisse treatment consultations and advice in Oakville. If you have any further questions about this medication and treatment, or if you’re interested in taking advantage of a completely free consultation in which we can discuss Latisse and any potential problems you may have with it, contact us today.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Latisse® (bimatoprost topical solution 0.03%) is believed to prolong the active growth phase of the eyelashes, resulting in longer lashes. It also stimulates the production of melanin which makes lashes darker.

Your package of contains a two-month supply of Latisse® as well as disposable brushes for application of the product. Latisse® should be used nightly before bed, on clean skin. Use a clean disposable brush for each eye. Place one drop of Latisse® onto the brush tip, and apply along the upper lash line (similar to liquid eyeliner application). Do not apply Latisse® to the lower lash line. Blot away any excess product with a tissue and dispose of the brush. Repeat these steps for the other eye.

When applied nightly, Latisse® users typically notice results as early as eight weeks, with full results in 12 - 16 weeks. Long-term results can be maintained with continued use of the product.

If you miss a night, do not apply extra to try to catch up. Simply apply one drop of Latisse® the next night as usual and stay on schedule.

If you discontinue Latisse®, your eyelashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.

The most common side effects after using Latisse® are an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness. These were reported in approximately 4% of patients. Less common side effects include skin darkening along the lashline, eye irritation, eye dryness and eyelid redness.

Although this effect has not been reported in clinical studies with Latisse®, one should be aware of the potential for increased brown pigmentation of the iris from Latisse® use, which is likely to be permanent.

Absolutely! Any eye makeup may be worn while you are using Latisse®. Once you have experienced full results you may actually find that you need less mascara!


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