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Treat Yourself For Valentine’s Day with Lip Fillers and Latisse® to Grow Long Eyelashes


Treat Yourself For Valentine’s Day with Lip Fillers and Latisse® to Grow Long Eyelashes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s a day that is all about love. Perhaps the most important aspect of such a day is the ability to love yourself and feel confident in both who you are and how you look. If you aren’t quite there yet in terms of loving your appearance, we can help boost your confidence. Perhaps you’re self-conscious about your lips, feeling like they’re too thin. Maybe your eyelashes are sparser and shorter than they used to be. We have treatments that can help you put your best face forward.

Achieve Plump, Kissable Lips For Valentines Day

If your lips are thinner than you would like them to be, dermal fillers offer an effective solution for achieving the plumper new look you would prefer to see when you look in the mirror. Perhaps your lips have always been a bit too thin to suit your ideal vision of the perfect pout, or maybe they have changed over time, growing a little thinner and less plump with age. Either way, treatment with dermal fillers can add volume right where you want it, creating or restoring the plumper, fuller look you have in mind.

Dermal fillers are administered via a simple, no-downtime procedure, during which they are injected beneath the skin in order to create extra volume. When used to augment the lips, fillers add fullness in just the right places to transform lips that are thin and/or drawn into those that are plump, luscious, and kissable. The effect is subtle, enhancing the appearance of the lips in a balanced, natural-looking way.

Grow Long Eyelashes with Latisse

Whether you were born with sparse, thin eyelashes or your lashes have lost their luster with age, becoming lighter, thinner and shorter, there is treatment is available today to improve their appearance. Rather than settling for temporary cover-ups, such as mascara or false eyelashes, you can now grow longer and fuller lashes to brighten and beautify your eyes naturally.

Latisse® is a topical treatment, available only by prescription, that is applied to your eyelashes daily. It has been clinically proven to produce results by improving the length and thickness of lashes, while darkening them at the same time. Latisse® must be applied consistently to help grow long eyelashes, and its effect on lash growth is gradual. Results typically begin to appear within 8 weeks of beginning Latisse® treatments, while full results occur after 16 weeks of consistent use. Once you grow long eyelashes, continued use of Latisse® will maintain your results long-term.

So if you’re not totally loving your look, why not take action to improve it? Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and feel confident and satisfied when you look in the mirror. All it takes to get started is an appointment with one of our highly trained consultants to find out whether these treatments may be right for you. Book your complimentary consultation with us today.



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    Contact APT Medical Aesthetics now. Whether you want to book an appointment, find out a bit more about our services, or want to simply ask a few questions, we would love to hear from you!

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