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How to Find the Best Routine for Your Skin


How to Find the Best Routine for Your Skin

As far as cosmetic issues go, an uneven skin tone isn’t likely to be one of the first to spring to mind. After all, with other areas to focus on, a small degree of asymmetry in terms of colour might well not seem like the biggest deal. As it happens, however, an uneven skin tone can throw off the rest of your look, potentially drawing attention away from other, more successful aspects of the way you present yourself. But how do you go about correcting an uneven skin tone? Which treatments are the most successful, and which are best avoided?

A simple Google search throws up hundreds of articles, every one of which is convinced that they’ve got the right answer. This can be a nightmare for regular people who aren’t expert cosmetic specialists and would just like to know how on earth they can regulate their skin. That’s why here at APT Medical Aesthetics, we’ve decided to come up with a short and sweet guide to the very best treatments that are used in the correction of an even skin tone. We’ll only be focusing on those treatments which have been proven to work, so as to give you the best shot of sorting the problem out sooner rather than later.

Without further ado, let’s get into how you can correct an uneven skin tone and get your skin back into the balance it deserves.

Skin Treatments Must Match Your Skin Type

Across the world, there are dozens of different kinds of skin, each with its own subtle differences that must be understood if you’re going to go about making it more even with an aesthetic treatment. The main four we’ll be focusing on are dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, and combination skin, which incorporates elements of the other three categories.

Dry skin doesn’t produce as much sebum as normal skin does, which means it lacks lipids. In turn, this reduces the skin’s ability to retain moisture and shield itself against harmful environmental effects, such as strong sunlight.

Oily skin is the opposite of dry skin — it produces too much sebum. Although it does mean that you won’t need to worry about peeling or chapping, it may make your face seem too shiny, with enlarged, frequently visible pores.

Normal skin is well-balanced, with reasonable levels of sebum production and a generally consistent complexion throughout. This is the easiest kind of skin to balance, and it’ll make correcting an uneven skin tone much more straightforward than some of the other skin types.

Lastly, combination skin will vary from spot to spot one the face. This is the most complicated kind of skin, and your skincare routine in order to treat an uneven skin tone on a face with elements of all of the above will need to be measured and precise if you’re going to achieve the kinds of results you’re looking for.

In order to figure out what kind of skin you have if you’re not already aware, wash your face with water but don’t do anything else. After two hours, have a look and see what the effects are. Normal skin will feel smooth with no dry spots or over-the-top shininess, unlike dry skin which will appear dehydrated and parched, or oily skin which will feel slick and shiny throughout. Combination skin will likely produce patches of shininess and patches of dryness.

Prioritize Exfoliation

No matter what your skin type is if you’re going to keep the tone balanced you’ll need to exfoliate regularly. This effectively levels the playing field every time it takes place, meaning by getting. Rid of the dead skin cells on the surface you can more accurately see which areas produce the most oil or dryness and act accordingly.

One word of warning worth taking into account is the fact that you shouldn’t exfoliate too aggressively or frequently, as that could disturb the natural way your face’s skin behaves and result in further uneven skin tone problems.

Choose Type-Specific Skin Care Products

Once you’ve got the hang of exfoliation, you’ll want to make sure you choose skincare products that are suited to your kind of skin. Dry skin needs to be treated with water in oil-emulsion mixtures, which essentially means that there’s more oil than water in the product. This will help to smooth over and revitalize the dry, cracked outer layer of your skin, while the water will work to hydrate the cells underneath it. It’s an effective double whammy for handling an uneven skin tone produced by dry skin.

Oily skin should focus on using oil-free fluids if possible since the last thing you want is to further clog your already enlarged pores. In order to make this happen as smoothly as possible, aim for a formula with the label ‘non-comedogenic’ on it. These products are designed for people with oily skin to prevent the problem from getting any worse and should be your first port of call for cleaning up an oily, uneven skin tone.

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally balanced skin, any product will do. The only concern to keep in mind is that you’ll want to use oilier products at night and less oily products during the day, in order to allow your body plenty of time to recover. For combination skin, treat the oily patches with less oily products and vice-versa.

Main Takeaways

The key to any solid skincare regimen is consistency and accuracy in product selection, and the guide you just read above is a great way to start building those healthy habits. Having an uneven skin tone can seem like a nightmare, but once you understand the problem there’s no reason it can’t be cleared up just like any other cosmetic issue.If you’ve got any further questions about skincare for your skin type or the best treatments to use for uneven skin, just get in touch with our team here at APT. We’d be happy to answer any queries you may have.


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