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What Is Latisse and How Does It Work?


What Is Latisse and How Does It Work?

Want to know the secret to longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes

Embark on the journey to captivating lashes with Latisse®, a groundbreaking solution that promises to transform sparse lashes into a mesmerizing spectacle! 

This non-invasive treatment has garnered widespread attention and acclaim, but many still question its mechanism of action, efficacy, and safety. So if you’re wondering, what is Latisse® and how does it produce results, we’re here with the answers. 

This article will address some of the most common questions about Latisse® and reveal the essential steps to kickstart your journey with this revolutionary product.

A Brief Overview of Latisse® 

Latisse®, originally formulated as the prescription drug Lumigan® for glaucoma treatment, , garnered notice for an unexpected and serendipitous side effect—the enhancement of eyelash growth. Recognizing its potential in the aesthetic realm, it was subsequently rebranded as Latisse®, and approved by Health Canada in 2010.

Since its introduction, the product has soared in popularity, becoming a coveted treatment in the aesthetic industry. Celebrities, beauty influencers, and everyday users alike have praised its transformative effects on eyelash length and volume. Its consistent results and endorsement by healthcare professionals have solidified its reputation as a reliable and effective lash enhancement solution

What is Latisse® Used For in a Medical Aesthetic Setting? 

Latisse® is commonly recommended to treat eyelash hypotrichosis, a condition that causes inadequate or sparse eyelashes. Utilizing Latisse® provides individuals the chance to increase eyelash growth, resulting in fuller lashes that beautifully frame the eyes and highlight their natural beauty. Positioned as a reputable option in aesthetic medicine, Latisse® has set new benchmarks for eyelash enhancement, offering a non-invasive and clinically validated approach for individuals looking to elevate their lash aesthetics.

Note: this product is recommended for use on the upper lashes only. Applying the product to areas beyond the upper lash line may cause excess, unwanted hair growth.

The Science Behind Latisse®: How Does It Stimulate Lash Growth? 

Close-up of a person’s closed eye and natural eyelashes

Prostaglandins and their Role in Hair Growth 

Prostaglandins are naturally occurring lipid compounds in the body known for their diverse physiological roles, including inflammation regulation and cell growth modulation.

When it comes to promoting hair growth, specific prostaglandins have been identified as influencers in the growth cycle of hair follicles. They play a key role in extending the growth phase and improving hair thickness. Latisse® harnesses the potential of prostaglandins to stimulate eyelash growth, establishing a scientific basis for its effectiveness in augmenting lash length and fullness.

Mechanism of Action: Stimulating the Anagen Phase of Lash Growth 

The growth of eyelashes, like other hair on the body, is cyclical and consists of three phases: anagen (growth), catagen (transition), and telogen (resting). Latisse® works by prolonging the anagen phase, thereby allowing eyelash hairs to grow longer and thicker than they would naturally. Through the activation of  prostaglandin pathways in the hair follicles, Latisse® fosters an environment conducive to lash growth. This ensures that lashes remain in the growth phase for an extended duration, resulting in noticeable enhancements in length and thickness.

How to Use Latisse® 

Applying Latisse® to achieve fuller, longer lashes requires consistency and a meticulous approach.

Begin by ensuring your face is clean, and free from makeup or skincare products. Remove your contact lenses if wearing any. Dispense one drop of the solution onto the sterile applicator brush (provided), and carefully apply it along the base of the upper eyelashes, starting from the inner corner to the outer edge. Use a fresh applicator for each eye to prevent potential contamination and ensure even distribution of the solution.

It is crucial not to exceed one drop per eye per day when applying Latisse®. Applying more than the recommended amount will not enhance the product’s effectiveness and may lead to undesirable side effects, such as eyelid skin darkening, redness, or itching. Additionally, exercise caution to prevent Latisse® from coming into contact with your eyes or skin, as this may result in irritation or changes in pigmentation. In case of accidental skin contact, promptly wipe off Latisse® with a tissue or cotton pad.

To maximize the benefits of Latisse®, consistency is key. Incorporate this practice into your nightly skincare routine, applying the solution at the same time each day. Refrain from rubbing your eyes or applying excessive pressure to the eyelids after application, as this may disrupt the absorption process. Additionally, using a lash comb to separate and define the lashes can enhance their appearance further. 

How Long Does Latisse® Take to Work? 

Regrettably, despite its enchanting effects, the transformation doesn’t occur overnight. Achieving noticeable results from Latisse® requires both time and unwavering consistency in using the product.

You may start to notice enhancements in your eyelash length and thickness within 4-6 weeks of consistent daily use, however the complete and optimal effects of Latisse®  typically become apparent after 16 weeks. During this period, lashes will progressively grow longer, darker, and thicker. Once you have achieved maximum results, you may switch to using the product every other day for maintenance. Do note that if/when you stop using Latisse®, your lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance within several weeks or months.

 A woman using an eyelash curler in front of a mirror

Where to Buy Latisse® 

Latisse® is a prescription product that can only be obtained from a licensed medical professional or authorized aesthetics clinic. You should never buy Latisse® from:

  • Unauthorized sources 
  • Online marketplaces
  • Unlicensed beauty salons or spas

These products may be counterfeit, expired, contaminated, or unsafe. Instead, make sure you consult with a medical professional who can properly evaluate your medical history before prescribing Latisse®. They will then monitor your progress and any potential side effects that may arise.

Latisse®: The Ultimate Eyelash Growth Solution 

If you’re curious about the wonders of Latisse® and whether it’s the right fit for you, APT Medical Aesthetics is ready to assist. Our clinicians provide complimentary consultations for Latisse® treatment, ensuring that all your inquiries are addressed, and any unique considerations are explained thoroughly. Embark on your beauty journey today; the transformative capabilities of Latisse® can make longer, darker lashes a reality!

Book your free consultation.


What is Latisse® going to cost you? The average retail price of a 3 ml bottle of Latisse® (one month supply) is around $120 in Canada, while a 5ml bottle costs approximately $200. Pricing  may vary.

Some people find that the brushes that come with Latisse® are too big or too stiff. Trimming the brushes can be helpful, and may also help conserve the product. If you want to trim yours, we recommend following these precautionary tips to ensure it’s done right: 

  • Use a clean pair of scissors and sanitize them with alcohol before and after cutting
  • Only cut one brush at a time
  • Do not cut the brush too short or too close to the base, as this may affect the amount of solution that is delivered to your lashes
  • Do not share your brushes with anyone or reuse them for more than one application

While using Latisse®, it’s generally recommended to avoid using other eyelash-enhancing products concurrently, including eyelash extensions. Latisse® works by promoting the growth of your natural eyelashes, and combining it with other products or procedures may affect the desired results.

Ultimately, the transformative results achieved from using Latisse® should eliminate the need for lash extensions altogether. This prompts a thoughtful consideration of whether the investment and potential associated risks of lash extensions are truly justified.

If you’re considering lash extensions, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider or the professional administering the Latisse® treatment. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific situation and help you determine the most suitable approach for achieving your desired eyelash appearance.


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