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10 Winter Skin Care Tips


10 Winter Skin Care Tips

The winter season can be especially harsh for your skin because of the sub-zero temperatures, dry air, frigid winds, and constant exposure to indoor heaters. These external factors suck out your skin’s natural moisture, making it vulnerable to excessive dryness, flaking, redness, and sensitivity, which may lead to flare-ups of existing skin conditions like eczema or rosacea

Needless to say, you have to stay on top of your skincare game to keep your complexion happy and healthy all season long. Check out these cool winter skin care tips to help bring nourishment back to your skin! 

1. Don’t Skip the SPF

Colorescience Sunforgettable® Brush-On Sunscreen

One of the biggest misconceptions about sunscreen is that you don’t need it during gray, cloudy days. While there may be less UVB (the cause of sunburns and skin cancers) in winter, there are still significant levels of UVA that can cause sun damage and premature skin aging. It’s why dermatologists include wearing sunblock as one of their top non-negotiable winter skin care tips. Even if you don’t see the sun, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 50 whenever you’re heading out.

We love Colorescience Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Brush on SPF 50, which is a powder-based sunscreen that you can layer under and over makeup.

2. Switch to Cleansing Creams, Balms, or Oils

Your regular foaming cleanser may be doing a decent job getting rid of dirt and oil in summer and spring, but they may not be your best bet for the colder months to come. Salicylic acid-based facial cleansers may contain sulphate that can be exceptionally drying for the skin, which is definitely the last thing you want during a cold spell. A winter skin care tip that would solve this is to switch to oil or cream-based cleansers. They do a fantastic job of melting away makeup and deep-seated debris in the skin without stripping away the skin’s moisture while boosting hydration levels and maintaining the skin barrier. 

3. The Perfect Time for Professional Treatments

Winter is an opportune time to book professional skin care treatments that you’d think twice about doing in the summertime due to risks of photosensitivity. Chemical peels and light-based therapies like IPL, BBL Photofacial, or Clear+Brilliant are excellent examples of photosensitive cosmetic treatments or treatments requiring limited sun exposure to prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

 ZO Skin Health Hydrating Cleanser

Boosting your skin’s hydration levels from the inside out will be a lifesaver throughout winter. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and enrich your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Focus on hydration when building your winter skincare routine. 

We love the Zo Skin Health Hydrating Cleanser, which is safe for normal to dry skin and locks in natural moisture during the cleansing process. You can also spritz a hydrating facial mist now and then, particularly if you feel that your skin’s tightening after prolonged exposure to heaters or radiators.

5. Shower in Lukewarm Water

It may be tempting to take long, hot showers or soak in the tub to soothe your senses after spending time out in the blistering cold. However, skin care experts strongly recommend against it. According to an article by Huffington Post, hot water evaporates quickly and dehydrates the skin. If the skin is not properly moisturized immediately, it can create cracks in the skin, triggering a flare up of eczema, also known as “winter’s itch.”

If you can’t help treating yourself to a hot bath, here’s a winter skin care tip for you: close your bathroom door to keep humidity levels up and lather up with products containing ceramides and hyaluronic acid to maintain the natural moisture of your skin’s barrier. 

6. Use Rich Moisturizer

Your trusty lightweight moisturizer may have kept you comfortable and less sticky throughout the summer, but winter is going to need something more than that. A practical winter skin care tip would be to transition to a thicker and richer moisturizer and use nourishing body oils to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. 

To trap in moisture and relieve dry, cracking skin, lather body oils like coconut oil, argan oil, or rosehip oil on your face, arms, and legs before getting into the shower to protect the skin’s natural skin barrier. Steer clear from chemical-based products that are heavily scented, which may irritate and dry your skin out further.

When selecting skin care products for winter use, go for non-comedogenic options that will not clog your pores and lead to acne or breakouts. Drugstore products like Vaseline may offer moisturizing benefits, but they’re not intended to be used as a facial moisturizer.

Hands with moisturizer

7. Don’t Forget to Moisturize Your Hands

Your hands are at a significantly higher risk of becoming chapped and irritated this cold season, particularly in light of the pandemic. Due to recent events, everyone has developed an obsession with washing their hands or spraying them with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. A winter skin care tip for your hands would be to use a moisturizing soap when washing and moisturize immediately after with a rich hand cream.

8. Never Go Out In The Cold With Damp Skin

Going out in the cold when your skin is still a bit damp fresh out from the shower may seem harmless, but experts suggest that it increases your risk of chapping severely and more frequently in the winter. If you are in a hurry and you have to go out right away, apply a thick layer of moisturizer before stepping out the door.

9. Include Facial Masks in Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

End your bedtime beauty ritual with a moisturizing facial mask. “Masks are helpful because they are occlusive, meaning they forcefully introduce the hydrating ingredients into the skin,” said Vivian Shi, a dermatologist and assistant professor at the University of Arizona, in an interview with Elle. “A mask is like saran wrap—it prevents things from going out and pushes things in.”

10. Don’t Lick Your Lips

A common misconception is that you’re helping hydrate your lips when you lick them, but it actually does the opposite. Your saliva has natural enzymes that break down the skin in your lips, causing them to dry, chap, and flake further. A helpful winter skin care tip to soothe your lips would be to never go without a moisturizing lip balm, re-applying as needed throughout the day.

Build Your Winter Skin Care Routine Today!

If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of winter skincare treatments to help nourish your skin from a deeper level, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at APT Medical Aesthetics. We’re interested in hearing your helpful winter skin care tips, too!


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