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The Four Types of Wrinkles & How to Treat Them


The Four Types of Wrinkles & How to Treat Them

https://www.aptmedicalaesthetics.com/blog/how-to-repair-sun-damaged-skin/Creases, wrinkle folds, fine lines, grooves, and ridges — no matter what you call them, these signs of aging are something most people aren’t ready to see on their faces just yet.

But we’re bound to experience them at some point in our lives. The question is, would you like to see them sooner or later

Is there anything you can do to delay or lessen their appearance when they do show up? Or are you completely helpless once it happens? Don’t worry, we’re here to show you how to combat the four main types of wrinkles.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about fighting the signs of aging

The Four Types of Face Wrinkles Explained 

We will see many kinds of lines and wrinkles in our lifetime: crow’s feet, forehead lines, dynamic wrinkles, worry lines, laugh lines, marionette lines, bunnies, lip lines, wrinkle folds, and more. 

Skin experts have grouped all of these into four main categories:

1. Dynamic Wrinkles/Lines

Also called “expression lines,” dynamic lines are wrinkles we get from facial expressions we unconsciously repeat over time, such as:

  • Furrowing your brows;
  • Smiling or laughing; and
  • Squinting.

All of these actions cause lines to appear on certain areas of our face. As the skin loses elasticity because of aging, the creases won’t smooth out like they used to. Instead, they deepen until they become permanent. 


Unless we want to live like emotionless robots, the dynamic wrinkle-causing actions can’t be helped. But you can slow down the formation by using skincare products with ingredients that promote skin elasticity, like hyaluronic acid

 A middle-aged woman with crows feet

2. Gravitational Folds

Gravity is another culprit behind the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As the skin loses collagen and structure with age, gravity continues to pull everything down — our skin included.

The result? The skin droops and sags. It’s especially apparent in the lower face jowls, brows, and upper eyelids, where some of the ligamentous attachments under the fascia are located. 

Gravitational folds are more apparent in people in their 50s and 60s. They’re also more common in people with lean faces and thinner skin.


You can battle sagging with products that contain retinoids and vitamin C. When paired together, these two compounds can also help reduce fine lines and circles under the eyes.

3. Crinkling Lines or Static Wrinkles

Also known as atrophic crinkling rhytids, crinkling lines are fine static wrinkles typically seen on the forehead and eyelids, but they can occur on the chest and other areas of the body too.  

When the skin is stretched, crinkling lines disappear almost completely because they are delicate and shallow. But what causes crinkling lines in the first place? 

Sun damage.

The sun’s UV rays accelerate the loss of collagen and elastic fibres — two proteins that give our skin firmness and structure.


The best preventive method is to avoid too much sun exposure. Wearing sunscreen every day — not just on your face but on other exposed areas as well — is your best weapon. 

If you already have static wrinkles, you can improve their appearance by undergoing non-invasive laser treatment to rebuild the skin’s elastic structure.

4. Permanent Elastic Creases or Wrinkle Folds

Heavy sun exposure also causes another type of wrinkle: permanent elastic creases or wrinkle folds. This wrinkle is characterized by deep lines in areas with a natural crease. This includes the middle of the lips, nasolabial folds (lines on either side of the mouth), and at the base of the neck.

Aside from sun exposure, smoking also worsens wrinkle folds. When you smoke, the body’s ability to circulate oxygen and heal from free radicals is inhibited, which causes the creases to deepen prematurely.


Preventing sun damage by using sunscreen and minimizing exposure as well as quitting smoking will help put a stop to the early onset of permanent elastic creases. 

Ultherapy, an innovative skin tightening treatment designed to counteract the signs of aging, is one of the best ways to combat sagging and achieving firmer skin.

a woman wearing a towel on her head stretching her forehead wrinkles

Fight The Four Types of Face Wrinkles with APT Medical Aesthetics 

A healthy lifestyle and the right anti-aging products can help delay the appearance of all types of wrinkles. There are also a few treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, dermal fillers, neuromodulators, and more that can make your skin look younger and refreshed.

Ultimately, fighting the four types of wrinkles isn’t something you have to do all alone. Achieve extraordinary results with APT Medical Aesthetics, our team is highly trained in the treatment of facial wrinkles and other skin conditions. 

We’re dedicated to providing clients with the most effective treatments for their specific skin conditions. 

Come in for a free consultation or visit our website for more information.


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